What Causes People to be Homeless?

What Causes Homelessness

The events that lead to homelessness vary depending on the person, but the root cause is universal, growing up in harmful and dysfunctional environments.

Sometimes the adults that raise you are the ones to introduce the detrimental habits that consume your life or they’re too neglectful or powerless to establish a positive direction away from the negative temptations of the surroundings.   

When the place that is supposed to be trusted the most fails to notice or causes your suffering, it is easy to trap yourself in that cycle of dysfunction, adapting to the people around you without conflict, or you can take the extreme route of packing your bags and trying to find a temporary location.

What’s missing is a meaningful trajectory, some sort of societal end goal, that puts an emphasis on the importance of the choices you make.

Maybe a good end goal would involve learning how to contribute, in a way that genuinely helps the people around you especially when they need you the most.

This requires a circumstance where the problems are conveyed honestly, which means people have to make emotional sacrifices, allowing for a burden of responsibility that’s specific to improving you and the people around you.  

Who Can You Trust?

If you can’t trust your immediate family, then it’s easy to go about life with this naive indifference towards the world because there’s never been an expression of healthy criticism. 

The Wise Father Geppetto when shaping Pinocchio gives him a mouth to voice his opinion, indicating that he is an honest man that doesn’t hide his intentions, wanting his puppet to speak and act freely, knowing that he is the guiding figure for Pinocchio, but he himself is not perfect.

Geppetto makes the ultimate sacrifices for Pinocchio, even going out in a snowy blizzard and selling his jacket, giving his son a spelling book for school.

But Pinocchio, still just a puppet, disregards the sacrifices of his father and learns the malevolence and suffering of being naive in a world outside the one his father has given him.

Instead of going to school, he is distracted by music and ends up getting pressured into selling the spelling book to get into a musical puppet theater. 

The puppets that are performing immediately welcome Pinocchio backstage, just to reveal to there is a tyrant running the theater, who wants to burn one of his performers in a fire. 

Pinocchio sacrifices himself, volunteering to get burned, while pleading to the tyrant to show mercy and telling him how much his father has done for him, making the theater master cry, feeling bad for abusing his puppets, giving Pinocchio 5 gold coins out of guilt.

On his way home to his father, Pinocchio ran into a wolf and a cat that appeared to be friendly, getting him to reveal the coins, then persuaded him to use one to pay for a meal and a room then told him that if he buried his other coins they would turn into trees carrying thousands more. 

Pinocchio fell for the trick and buried his coins just to find out that the swindlers had taken them.

Broke and hungry the puppet went to a nearby town running into a woman with blue hair that turned out to be a magical fairy, and gave him water, food, and forgiveness.

Pinocchio promised to be a good boy and get his grades up so he can make his father happy when they reunited, but ended up getting distracted by his schoolmates who convinced him to leave his responsibilities and travel with him to Toyland, where lost boys go to turn into donkeys.

As a donkey, Pinocchio was sold to a circus making a fool out of himself performing as one of its members, then was sold to a drum maker who wanted to drown him in the ocean.

and cut his fur off.

But the magical fairy that forgave him before, turned Pinocchio back into a puppet allowing him to swim away eventually ending up at a rock with a blue goat, that warned him about an oncoming sea creature which swallowed the puppet.

In the belly of the whale was Pinocchio’s father Geppetto, who was stuck in there for two years after sailing the seas to find his son.

The puppet was able to save his father and swim back to shore bringing him back to where Pinocchio was born.

In Geppetto’s state of sickness and old age, Pichnochio began turning a water wheel 100 times every day, to give his father a glass of milk to maintain his health,  then started weaving wooden baskets to provide from him, also making him a wooden wheelchair, all while excelling in school, 

This allows Pinocchio to turn into a boy making Geppetto healthier and happier.

Even when he’s neglecting the foundation that the Wise Father has given him, the puppet still knows that someone cares for him as he ventures out on his own and makes his own mistakes.

Although Pinocchio was disobedient to his father, it was a process he had to go through, because he needed to make his own mistakes to truly understand the importance of the love that was given to him, not to blindly believe it for the sake of being a good puppet.

Only then could he be his own individual, only then could he be useful to his father in his old age.

But if you were brought up in a place that does not want you to speak and act freely, surrounded by people who lie to themselves and deceive you to avoid your judgment, how are you supposed to navigate the world?

Parents that don’t judge their children are afraid of receiving judgment in return, and it’s better for a child to receive that judgment from a loving family than being left completely naive and vulnerable to society’s judgment.

So how is that person supposed to navigate the world without being paralyzed by a fear of abandonment?

Realizing that your family doesn’t love you or is incapable of giving the care and attention that you need is not an easy problem to get away from, especially when they provide you with materialistic comfort masking the dysfunction and rewarding your conformity, leaving you with a feeling of guilt, a feeling that you don’t belong anywhere else, a feeling that your inadequate and undeserving of any relationship.

When you feel this way you tend to withdraw from everyone or latch onto a personality or set of beliefs that you deem yourself too inferior to fulfill, constantly chasing that sense of belonging.

Putting this projection onto the world prevents you from committing to your intuition, blinding yourself of opportunities to be helpful to someone who’s struggling because you’re not willing to risk the emotional pain of having people care about you and distinguishing yourself from the circumstances in which you were brought up in.

Because learning with someone new is hard for people that are used to burying their emotions, it takes a special bond and strong affection to be close to a person along with time that most people are unwilling to spend.  

When you do find a person that sees the authentic individual hidden behind the constraints of societal judgment you are drawn to them, you experience a feeling of freedom that lights up your senses, and unwavering trust letting them pick your brain and bring out the strongest emotions, because they see your darkness but they want to be with you anyway, they want to be your rock when you don’t know yourself, they want your attention to detail, they want you to shine your true colors, they want you to have freedom in their company, they want to succeed with them.

Homelessness Can Happen to Anyone

Sometimes the low in someone’s life can seem to be a constant cycle of despair, repeating the same detrimental habits, having no self-worth or regard for anyone who cares for them, allowing negative emotions and impulsive decision-making to lead them on a downward spiral towards nothingness.

It’s hard being succumbed to the unfortunate circumstances of life, everyone has fallen into a similar rut at some point, probably caused by problems inherited from the surrounding environment growing up. 

People tend to have preconceived notions about an individual when their suffering and society’s judgment can be overwhelming to someone that’s vulnerable because nobody wants to show their emotional pain and the weakest parts of themselves to the public. 

For the homeless, there is no privacy or comfort, just the uncompromising reality of living in constant deprivation, enduring intolerable climates and the malevolence of other desperate people. 

The series of events that lead to someone’s homelessness along with the day-to-day struggle of being homeless often gets overshadowed by initial perceptions. 

Even when doing everything possible to move in the right direction, there are temptations and persistent threats around every corner. Hitting rock bottom can make a person want to embrace the negative aspects of their environment and ignore their conscience.

There’s a lot of shame in being lost in life but there’s also a lot of pride and unwillingness to change. Each person has their own difficulties and only they know what their pain feels like and how to best move forward in life.  

But this doesn’t mean there can’t be empathy, comfort, and guidance for those who are most vulnerable because everyone needs that from time to time. 

How the Root of the Problem Manifests into Homelessness

Not having the opportunity to take on the burdens of socialization and independence at a young age can put people in that withdrawn state of iniquity when they’re older, letting built up resentment and despair lead their decision making, wanting a quick solution to problems that take a lot of time and hurt to contend with.

Drug abuse

When everything in life indicates that you are a failure, escape is the only answer for many, this means blocking out everything around you, spending all your time numbing the pain to avoid looking at who you really are, to avoid looking at your past regrets or inactions, stuck in an impulsive cycle. 

 Sexual Desire with No Relationships 

Everyone has an inherent sexual drive, but a lot of people are not comfortable or never desirable enough to have passionate sex with an intamate partner. There are many negative consequences of sexual prowess without a personal bond, one is children born out of wedlock. If a person seeks to have sex because of lust or trivial pursuit than in the case that a child is born, it would be without a committed couple to raise it, leading to children without a responsible father figure and a caring mother. Without that guidance it is easier to be strayed down the wrong path making it harder to commit to the responsible choices. 

Another negative consequence of sexual desire without a sociable connection with a peer, is  the sexual abuse of children and women. People who are not fulfilled sexually with people of acceptable age, may try to pursue naive or weaker individuals, mentally and emotionally scaring them for life. 

The Bigger Picture

So why do we have people living in avoidant addiction and sexual irresponsibility? 

Police Enforcement over Rehabilitation

Creating a negative stigma around all drug users, especially black people is not conducive to fixing the overlapping issues that cause people to abuse drugs, which is why The War on Drugs was a failed approach, focusing on punishing the users as opposed to creating a stigma around the drugs themselves.

Understanding where you came from and doing your best not to make the mistakes that your environment wants you to make is the only way to gain any sort of positive momentum in figuring out what you want to do. 

The system kills all hope of change, by hyperfocusing on petty shit to make themselves seem productive but indifferent to the real reasons why everyone is suffering, too overconcerend with their sense of pride and duty to even notice the individual people that they’re supposed to protect and serve.

Conservative Solutions to a Broken Structure

Should we be emphasizing a traditional family structure? 

Where men are expected to work and find their purpose in hopes of attracting a woman and being a father to kids, while women have the designated biological responsibility to create and nurture children.

It makes sense giving men something higher to aim for,  and preaching to women to be more conservative when it comes to sex, so they can protect their God given abilities to reproduce and raise their kids in healthy enviroments. 

But relaying this tried and proven framework of traditional gender roles shaping your perceptions around this black and white view of the world distracts from the measured steps that can be taken to better this broken wasteland of meaningless people.

The only thing you can do to prevent living in resentment is take on pursuits and responsibilities that distinguish yourself as an individual, because pointing out that there is no functioning nuclear family does nothing but make you want to hide or leave without addressing the specific problems.


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