22 Cheap Items You Can Buy at The Salvation Army

Are you searching the internet to find the cheapest products? Whether it’s reading contradicting Amazon reviews or dealing with random people via online market places, finding affordable items can be a pain. If you have not found any luck on the internet maybe its time to try a thrift store.

Hi, I’m The Salvation Army Donation Guy, here’s a list of 22 items you can buy at The Salvation Army family stores. A price range will be provided for each item.

1. Mattress/Boxspring Set   *Not available for all locations.

You have to buy mattresses and boxsprings together. All mattress sets are refurbished and sanitized. If the location your shopping at does have mattress sets they will be in the back, not on the sales floor. So just ask an employee if they have mattresses.

Costs may vary for different locations but they will be around these prices.

Twin Mattress Set- $199.99

Full Mattress Set- $249.99

Queen Mattress Set- $299.99

King Mattress Set- $349.99

2. Bikes

The store that I work for usually has 4 to 5 bikes on the floor at all times. People tend to donate these pretty often. We get bikes of all sizes and colors, for children, women, and men.

Low Price: $5.00 | High Price: $83.00

3. Dressers

Dressers, desks, dining sets, bookshelves, and couches are just some of the common furniture pieces The Salvation Army sells.

Low Price: $10.00 | High Price: $200.00  *my estimate of dresser’s pricing

You can click here to see other furniture The Salvation Army sells.

4. Rugs

There are usually about 5-10 rugs hung up in the store that I work in. Don’t worry, an employee will help you get a rug down if you want to buy one. Also, all the rugs are sanitized before being displayed to the public.

Low Price: $21.00 | High Price: $93.00 

5. Lamps

The Salvation Army sells table lamps and floor lamps. Lamps are very common donations. More so table lamps but floor lamps are a regular occurrence as well.

Low Price: $5.00 | High Price $78.00

6.  Microwaves 

Microwaves are donated quite frequently to The Salvation Army. They can be found in the electronics category. Other electronic items include coffee pots, popcorn machines, toasters, waffle makers, portable grills, juicers, blenders, hair irons, alarm clocks, night lights, CDs, DVDs, VCRs, DVD players, speakers, and electric fans.

Low Price: $10.00 | High Price $50.00

7. Books

The Salvation Army sells both hardcover and softcover books. You can find a wide selection of books at any of our thrift stores. Many genres are donated to The Salvation Army. There could be anything from mysteries like the James Patterson novels to helpful lifestyle books. There are also a lot of fictional novels and how-to books. Sometimes popular series like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games are donated as well.

Low Price: $.75 | High Price: $3.00

8. Pots and Pans 

Pots, pans, and kitchen supplies are in the brick a brac category. This category also includes mugs, dishes, and glassware. 

Low Price: $1.00 | High Price: $15.00 *my estimate

9. Picture Frames

Pictures frames, pictures, paintings, and mirrors can all be found at The Salvation Army.

Low Price: $5.00 | High Price: $207.00  *Most are not crazy expensive.

10. Boots

People donate shoes all the time to The Salvation Army. I’ve seen lots of women’s boots in the store and occasionally you can find some high-end shoes for good prices. Work boots and children’s boots are donated less frequently but they do come in once in a while. 

Low Price: $3.00 | High Price: $20.00  *children boots pricing

11. Jewelry

The store that I work for has a whole counter dedicated to jewelry a.k.a a jewelry counter. As a matter of fact, this counter contains all types of jewelry. We have necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, belt buckles, and occasionally watches. Most of the jewelry isn’t real metal but we have a magnet just in case.

Low Price $3.00 | High Price: $15.00  *my estimate

12. Hats

The Salvation Army receives a wide variety of hats from donations. The selection includes anything from sports caps to cowboy hats. We get all different types of hats for both men and women.

Low Price: $1.00 | High Price: $8.00

13. Purses

The Salvation Army always has a good selection of purses and handbags.

Low Price: $2.00 | High Price: $21.00

14. Luggage

The Salvation Army receives many different types of suitcases, travel bags, computer bags, and duffel bags. 

Low Price: $5.00 | High Price $16.00

15. Belts

We have a large variety of belts with different sizes and designs. There are belts for women, men, and children.

Low Price: $1.00 | High Price: $5.00  *my estimate 

16. Notebooks

In the stationary section, you can find notebooks along with paper, folders, and binders. There may also be pens, pencils, and craft supplies.

Low Price: $1.00 | High Price: $5.00 *my estimate

17. Scrubs

The store that I work in has a clothing rack in the women’s section dedicated to scrubs.

Low Price $5.00 | High Price $20.00 *my estimate

18. Hoodies

Both the men’s and women’s clothing sections have racks dedicated to hoodies and other long-sleeved clothing. 

Low Price $3.00 | High Price $12.00

19. Baby and children’s clothes (both boys and girls)

The Baby section includes but is not limited to; t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, onesies, sleepers, pants, and pajamas.

Children’s clothing includes t-shirts, polos, dress shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, khakis, sweat pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, cargo shorts, leggings, compression shirts, sleeveless shirts, pajamas, bathing suits.

Low Price: $2.00 | High Price: $26.00 *based on children’s clothes pricing.

20. Jeans

Jeans are sold in both men’s and women’s clothing sections. The Salvation Army also sells leggings, yoga pants, and other athletic material.

Low Price: $4.00 | High Price: $12.00 *based on pricing for long pants.

21. Lingerie

Loose/comfortable night clothing for women is put on a separate clothing rack. This includes nightgowns, bras, and other intimate/sleepwear clothing.

Low Price: $4.00 | High Price: $12.00 *based on nightgown’s pricing.

22. Maternity Clothes

Any clothing that accommodates pregnant women is put on a separate clothing rack and is called our maternity section.

Low Prices: $4.00 | High Price: $20.00  *my estimate

The items on this list are not the only items The Salvation Army sells.

Here’s a list of things they do sell.

That’s it for this one.

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